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Ink Block Park New Boston Hot Spot
Boston Herald 9.10.2017

Boston’s newest park opened yesterday in probably the city’s most unexpected place: under an Interstate 93 overpass.

Underground at Ink Block, a new 8-acre park sandwiched between the South End and South Boston, celebrated its grand opening with a daylong block party.

“We’ve tried to be that devel- oper who does things a little outside the box,” said Ted Tye, managing partner at National Development, the company responsible for the park. Read more.

Boston Gets an Artsy New Public Space in a Former No-Man’s Land
Boston Globe 9.7.2017

To get to Boston’s newest park you must either cross a bridge above the massive railyard between South Boston and the South End, or navigate busy Albany Street, where the commuters stack up at onramps to the Southeast Expressway and the bridges quake with rumbling trucks.

Once you make that crossing, you’ll find a ribbon of colors painted on the sidewalk. Follow it, and you’ll wind up in a world of green trees, brown boardwalks, and soaring, swooping, concrete — the underside of that massive highway and its onramps, whirring with traffic.

Look around, and you’ll see brand-new street murals that use all that concrete as a canvas — and soon, its designers hope, people. They’ll be passing through, exercising, eating, or just hanging out in a place that had long been forgotten.

South End Urban Playground Hosts Free Block Party this Weekend
Metro 9.6.2017

Even the mightiest of projects finds improvement from prettying up those dark corners.

After the additions of apartments, condos and retail to the former Boston Herald headquarters in the South End, the not-quite-finished, six-acre Ink Block development will celebrate the opening of a new urban park called the Underground on Saturday. This weekend’s block party introduces this eight-acre space and public art project in what used to be a freeway underpass. Read more. 

If you have been around the Ink Block neighborhood recently, chances are you have begun to notice the transformation along Traveler Street that connects the South End to South Boston. While some might see a concrete jungle, National Development, the developer behind Ink Block, saw a blank canvas. In partnership with Reebok, National Development has brought together some influential street artists to help transform more than 150,000 square feet of concrete into murals along the underpass as part of a project to develop the city’s newest urban park and help bridge the two neighborhoods. Underground at Ink Block will be unveiled to the public at the Underground GetDown block party on Saturday, Sept. 9. We chatted with the artists ahead of the park’s opening on their style, vision and inspiration for bringing art to the streets. Read more. 

Innovative Ink Underground Park to Open Sept 9
The Boston Sun 8.31.2017

After a number of delays in construction, the new Underground at Ink Block park beneath the Expressway in the South End will open with a colossal artistic celebration on Saturday, Sept. 9.

The opening is the culmination of a partnership between the state Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and National Development, the developer of Ink Block adjacent to the new park. It will unleash eight-acres of parkland, 175 new parking spots, boardwalks connecting the park, a new dog park, a waterfront walkway and a cutting-edge graffiti mural installation. Read more.

Underground at Ink Block
My South End 8.31.2017

Underground at Ink Block is the transformation of an 8-acre underpass located between Boston's South End and South Boston neighborhoods into an active urban park, cultural attraction and parking amenity. Landscaped pedestrian boardwalks and bicycle paths along the Fort Point Channel create new connections between communities previously separated by highway infrastructure. Visitors enjoy amenities such as world-class street art, a dog park, curated retail, fitness, food and beverage experiences as well as a bike storage facility, 24-hour security, 175 commercial parking spots & more. Underground at Ink Block is centrally located steps away from Boston's Downtown and easily accessible via public transit, just steps away from the Broadway T stop. Read more.

Reebok helps brighten up new Southie park beneath I-93

Underground at Ink Block was developed as part of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Infra-Space program, which aims to activate underutilized infrastructure spaces throughout the commonwealth

Caught in Southie: A new park under 93

This summer, you’ll find us hanging underneath the southeast expressway.  Before you judge and think we’ve hit skid row, know that the underpass is undergoing a major transformation.  Read more.

Boston Is Now Building Public Parks Under Interstate Highways
Architectural Digest 4.6.2017

On Wednesday, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and National Development announced plans for Ink Underground, an urban park that will span eight acres partially under Boston's Interstate 93. Stretching from Albany Street to the Fort Point Channel, the park will serve as a connector between the South End and South Boston neighborhoods via pedestrian boardwalks, art and cultural installations, and bicycle paths along the channel. Read more.

Ink Underground coming in May
South End News 4.5.2017

National Development, developer of Ink Block, today announced details of Ink Underground, a new urban park that extends from Albany Street to Fort Point Channel. On track for completion in May 2017, the project will transform 8-acres of underutilized space located between Boston's South End and South Boston neighborhoods into an active urban park, cultural attraction and mixed-use parking facility. Read more.

A Park Beneath the I-93 Overpass Will Open in June
Boston Magazine 4.5.2017

Soon, the grey concrete expanse that splits the South End from South Boston will become an urban park, complete with grass, plants, boardwalks, and bike paths.

The new park, called Ink Underground, is scheduled to open under the 1-93 overpass in June. It will stretch eight acres—from Albany Street to the Fort Point Channel—featuring public art, food and drink pop-ups, a bike storage facility, a dog park, and events like fitness classes and artisan markets. The park’s first graffiti and street art festival will kick off on June 10th. Read more

Southeast Expressway park will fill in underpass, create urban wonderland
Curbed Boston 4.5.2017

National Development, the developer behind the South End’s Ink Block, and the state Transportation Department plan to open a new park in June underneath the Southeast Expressway near the massive residential project.

The developer will landscape a portion of the current paved, vacant surfaces to create public space for fitness classes, concerts, corporate gatherings, and other events, per the Globe’s Tim Logan. Read more. 

A park beneath the highway? One is coming to the South End
The Boston Globe 4.5.2017

A dark and dreary no man’s land beneath the Southeast Expressway will soon be remade into Boston’s newest urban playground.

National Development has set a June opening date for the new park — and a new parking lot — on eight acres between its Ink Block complex in the South End and the end of Fort Point Channel on the other side of the highway. Most of the site is an empty paved surface under the highway, between Herald and Traveler streets. Read more.

Fun Under the Freeway: Park to Seize Upon the Trend Recreation in Lost Spaces
The Boston Sun 6.17.2016

For the longest time, no one wanted to be under the highway.

Huge concrete columns, the buzz of fast-moving automobiles overhead and shady areas (figuratively and literally) didn’t lend to anyone’s idea of space that could be used for anything.

Now, that’s all different as cities nationwide look to grab space under bridges and freeways and turn it into something useful. Read more.

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Ink Block's Builder has Big Plans for Park Beneath I-93
Boston Herald 6.11.2016

Infraspace at Ink Block — a new Boston park with a boardwalk, waterside performance space, half-court basketball court, pedestrian and bike paths, dog park and community and cultural event space — is slated to debut in October under the elevated portion of the Interstate 93/Southeast Expressway, long a blighted, crime-ridden pocket of the city. Read more.

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South End Market Plans To Thrive Beneath I-93 Overpass
Boston Magazine 10.07.2015

Yesterday, in response to the Globe‘s report that the two parties comprising the South End cultural phenomenon known as SoWa would split at the end of the month, we declared that the South End Open Market’s planned move to a lot beneath the I-93 overpass in 2017 would make it “suck.” This, predictably, upset some folks. Read more.

MassDOT Gives the Green Light for Building Park Space Beneath I-93
BostInno 06.25.2015

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced on Thursday that the green light has been given to proceed with the next step to develop state owned land situated beneath a section of the I-93 overpass that cuts through the South End. Residents can expect new greenery, streetscape accessibility and improvements along Fort Point Channel. Read more.

Mass Seeking News ideas for the Underutilized Overpass
Boston Globe 08.24.2014

Who knew that those shadowy swaths of land underneath highway overpasses could be prime real estate?

Earlier this month, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation made a request for proposalsfor their new “Infra-Space” initiative — a wonky way of saying “figure out something useful to do with all those sketchy places underneath the highway.” Read more.